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Programmes Season 17/18

The Holland-America Line

Amstel Quartet - The Holland-America Line

Music by Glass, Fiumara, Riley, Vrolijk and Lang

Ever since the end of the nineteenth century the Holland-America Line took fortune seekers across the ocean from Amsterdam to New York. With them travelled music and it pollinated composers on both shores. Join the Amstel Quartet on a boat trip and sail past the ecstatic music of Terry Riley and Philip Glass, via the magically beautiful sounds of Renske Vrolijk and the powerful tones of David Lang on to Anthony Fiumara’s serene quartet. Philip Glass, who will be turning 80 in 2017, has a particularly prominent place in this program, with his dazzling classic “Music in Similar Motion” and the hauntingly beautiful soundtrack of Mishima. A mer-à-boire for the minimal-fan

A Night at the Cinema

Film scores by Morricone, Bernstein, Glass, Wagner, Barber, Nyman

Music makes everything better. Parties come alive with music and supermarkets would be far more boring places to visit without a musical background. Storytellers have been utilising the power of music to enhance their stories from the very beginning. Music plays an essential role in films too. It intensifies key scenes and makes the drama even more dramatic. But every now and again the music breaks out from its supporting role and earns itself a place in the concert hall. In A Night at the Cinema you will hear stories without words and see films without images.

Around the World in 80 minutes

Music by Sweelinck, De Hartmann, Dijkstra, Van Onna, Lago, Fiumara, Dun, Nyman, Schumacher, Abou-Khalil

What Jules Verne achieved in 80 days, the Amstel Quartet can realise in 80 minutes: in a head spinning concert we take a trip around the world. We begin in the Netherlands, in Amsterdam’s red light district, to be more exact. From there the quartet guides you past highlights around the globe: from futuristic Shanghai, via the Ethiopian capital Addis Abeba to a caravan crossing the Arabian desert. And all that in 80 minutes, you don’t even have to leave your chair.

Beauty and Tears through the Ages

Music by Buxtehude, Vasks, Tallis, Pärt, Obrecht, Jacob TV, Vrolijk

Tears of both joy and melancholy, find their voice in music throughout the ages.

Solace and beauty have been intertwined since time immemorial. The still sounds of the old composers such as Jacob Obrecht, Thomas Tallis and Dietrich Buxtehude find a contemporary continuation in the comforting music by Peteris Vasks and Arvo Pärt. At the same time Dutch composers Renske Vrolijk and Jacob TV let the musical tears of their poetic work wistfully pour out of the quartet’s saxophone bells.

Sax avec Elan!

Amstel Quartet - Sax avec Elan!

Music by Jacques Brel, Charles Aznavour, Edith Piaf and others

Philippe Elan and the Amstel Quartet

Drift away with moving French chansons and compelling stories, in the unique combination of chansonnier Philippe Elan and the Amstel Quartet. Elan is a household name to anyone with a passion for the French chanson. He once began his musical career playing the saxophone in the local brass band, but it soon became apparent that his true passion was to sing. The saxophone continued to play a part in his life though and so it was no coincidence that he said yes to a collaboration with the Amstel Quartet: they understand like no other what singing is. And the chansons by Brel, Aznavour and Piaf are perfectly suited to him. The press quite rightly wrote: “Philippe Elan sings these songs with such charm and passion that he effortlessly illustrates why these chansons have become classics.”