Jan 08
First EWI quartet composition

The last days of 2018 were exiting for the Amstel Quartet and EWI lovers (Electronic Wind Instrument).

To our knowledge there was no composition for EWI quartet until Christian Biegai wrote one especially for us. When our friends of the Calefax Reed Quintet invited us to play on their Pan2018 festival, we decided to present a sneak preview of the first EWI quartet composition "Mensch Maschine System" by Christian Biegai. Hendrik Walther created live visuals during the show.

The performance was not the world premiere, since we only presented a part of the composition. But it gave us a good idea about the exiting new sound Christian created for us, and the exiting new possibilities that the EWI's are offering.

Curious? Listen to this sound bite:

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