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26/06 19
The poster made by Anna Lee for Bas Apswoude is just as awesome! His poster is related with the story №8 "The other heaven" "I think we all have a little bit of that beautiful madness that keeps us walking when everything around us is so insanely sane." - Julio Cortazar
25/06 19
24/06 19
Who’s in for a contest?
21/06 19
Another awesome poster by Anna Lee on Todos los fuegos el fuego! Eight stories = eight musicians Harry Cherrin his poster is related with the story №3 "Meeting" "Meeting - is the example of a piece of creative writing that is overtly inspired by political reality: the story is based on some passages written by the revolutionary leader Che Guevara and one or two other revolutionaries, including Fidel Castro. But if «Meeting» is the signpost indicating a new role for politics in Cortazar’s work, it also seems to warn us, through the leitmotif of references to Mozart, that aesthetics are still demanding a hearing." — "Understanding Julio Cortazar" by Peter Standish. Visual art by Anna Lee
20/06 19
Have you seen this Maxim Shalygin's Todos los fuegos el fuego poster with Olivier on it? Eight stories = eight players. Olivier's poster is related with the story №5 "The island at noon" "...with his lips against the window, he smiled, thinking that he would climb to the green spot, that he would enter the sea of the northern coves naked, that he would fish for octopuses with the men, communicating through signs and laughter..." Visual art by Anna Lee
19/06 19
Some material from our performance of Mensch Maschine at De Spot with Kypski...
11/06 19
Together with Keuris Quartet and Maxim Shalygin we'll play Todos los fuegos el fuego... An exciting performance with eight saxophone players. Save the dates! 29th of June at Festival Dag in de Branding 9th of November at November Music Photo by Michal Grycko
09/06 19
having fun with some serious music by Maxim Shalygin - Maxim Shalygin - Todos los fuegos el fuego
31/05 19
24/05 19
work in progress ! Maxim Shalygin - Todos los fuegos el fuego together with Keuris Quartet
17/05 19
Visiting Henkjan en Manuela at Radio 5, live with Philippe Elan in a few minutes! NPO Radio 5 Philippe Elan
17/05 19
Max taming 8 saxophones Maxim Shalygin Keuris Quartet
11/05 19
The Robots are in Middelburg MuziekPodium Zeeland Kypski Nina Kraszewska Bas Apswoude Harry Cherrin Olivier Sliepen Remco Jak Hendrik Walther
11/05 19
Tonight we'll play Mensch Maschine in 'De Spot' in Middelburg, Hope to see you there! http://muziekpodiumzeeland.shop.activetickets.com/ProgrammaDetail.aspx?id=23238
10/05 19
Tomorrow (Sat May 11 '19): Mensch Maschine MuziekPodium Zeeland with Kypski Hendrik Walther Nina Kraszewska We are the Robots! Saxophones, EWI's, Turntable, Modular Synth, Live Video
02/05 19
a rainy day in The Netherlands; perfect weather to test the new Chedeville mouthpiece !🎷
30/04 19
30/04 19
30/04 19
22/04 19
Olivier Sliepen plays his solo at 宗次ホール Munetsugu Hall
20/04 19
Miki revealing the secrets of sushi in Nagoya
19/04 19
Back in Tokyo after 16 years. Nikkeihall
18/04 19
Tokyo Concert Afterparty. Sugoi Oishi:)
18/04 19
16/04 19
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