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Today's the day! Our American Dream EP, with the brilliant "Tapas" by @marcmellits and the thrilling "Mambo" by Christian Lauba, is available now on every streaming service. Link in bio! And if you want to see it all happening live: come join us today at the Bethelkapel, the Hague, 16:00h, or later on at @strandtent_defuut 19:30h. Enjoy!

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Exactly one year ago we premiered Todos los Fuegos el Fuego at @dagindebranding at the @zuiderstrandtheater in Den Haag, together with the great @maximshalygin and @keurisquartet ! @nrcnl wrote at the time: "Endlessly rising clusters, pulsing tone tapestries in a minimalistic cut, poetic-melodic intermezzi, and a quasi-orthodox hymn running aground in a quarter-tone yowl. Assisted by the phenomenally playing Keuris and Amstel Quartets, he [Shalygin] moulded it all into a perfectly logical, resolute discourse: There’s no other way than this." #tlfef #zuiderstrandtheater #denhaag #saxophones #saxophonequartet #keurisquartet #amstelquartet #maximshalygin #todoslosfuegoselfuego

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On my way to our first concert after lockdown 🤗 #concert #arabmusic #fayrouz

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Safe Sax

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Getting back to business

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China, 2018

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A little teaser... With some extra info in the middle, hope you like it!

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When on your way to work... #backtowork #saxophone #music #classicalmusic #contemporarymusic #saxophonequartet #saxofoon


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