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This page presents programmes the Amstel Quartet developed in past years. The quartet not only dived into the masterpieces (19th century symphonies, Wagner’s Ring) but also into the refined chamber music repertoire (saxophone quartets by Keuris and Glazunov, adaptations of Ravel, Franck, Barber). Old masters such as Bach and Sweelinck combine beautifully with recent masterpieces by Pärt, Torke and Tan Dun. There will be many premieres as well, by both Dutch and foreign composers. Allow us to surprise you!

Below you will find diffferent categories that each consist of a number of programmes of varying lengths (for instance, with or without an intermission).

The quartet plays a large part of the repertoire by heart, which makes it all the more easy to customise the programmes. Regard the quartet’s repertoire list as a box of candy from which you can pick and mix the sweets which take your fancy. The members of the quartet will explain the works that they play during the concert.

Click on a title to see more information about individual programmes.

Around the world

» The Holland-America Line

» Around the World in 80 minutes

» Dim Sum

» Baltica

» Wim Henderickx - & The Seven Chakras & Shri Yantra

» Amstel Raga

» Globetrotters

» Stories of the Soul


» The Wagner 200th Birthday Concert

» Symphonic Saxophone

» Old Masters

» Dutch Masters

Optima Forma

» Beauty and Tears through the Ages

» Le Saxophone Romantique

» Sax, Stars and Stripes

» Requests

» Les Saxophones à  Paris

» Hot Pot

New music

» The Man Machine

» Glass on the Roof

» Ghosts

» Organ and Saxophone: A wind of change

» 100% Dutch

» Cutting-edge

» Pop Art

» New Consonance

» New Simplicity

» Music with Changing Parts

Hors Category

» Sax avec Elan!

» Amstel Quartet Feat. Lars Wouters van den Oudenweijer clarinet

» Songs of Clarity

» Dominee Gremdaat & Amstel Quartet

» Classical Zen

» Manège a Trois


» A Night at the Cinema

» Ode to Orpheus: 400 Years Sweelinck

» American Dream

» Amstel Radio


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