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Programmes Season 19/20

Hot Pot

Amstel Quartet - Hot Pot

Music by Cabinilles, Beethoven, Scott, Perotinus, Mozart e.a.

Chinese Hot pot – or Chinese fondue – always sets a true social gathering into motion. Many bowls of meat, fish and vegetables are assembled around a big, iron wok, in which the small bites are cooked and prepared. Inspired by these compelling flavours on their tour in China, the Amstel Quartet now presents its own musical ‘hot pot’: a diverse mix of distinct tastes, styles and composers. In between the medieval melodies of Perotinus and the ‘Looney Tunes’ of Raymond Scott, Spanish baroque music, romantic evergreen and true classics are brought to the stage. There is something in the hot pot for everybody.

Dutch Masters

Music by Sweelinck, Andriessen, Ketting, Breuker.
Hendrik Walther, visuals.

The Dutch Masters are renowned all around the world. Rembrandt, Vermeer and Hals gave the Dutch seventh century its golden edge, whilst Mondriaan and Van Gogh would bring the art of painting to a whole new level.

Yet, one may also laud the Netherlands for its twentieth century composers: Louis Andriessen, Otto Ketting and Willem Breuker reached the state of world fame as well and left an indisputable mark on the Dutch music scene.

The Amstel Quartet tries to unite the old and new masters by connecting the modern works with the compositions of seventeenth century organist Jan Pietszoon Sweelinck. The Dutch Golden Age comes to life through the music of today.

American Dream

Music by Cage, Copland, Creston, Riley, Reich, Torke, Barber

It is hard to think of another country that would push twentieth century music to such considerable heights as the United States of America. In American Dream, the Amstel Quartet submerges itself in the compositions and all-time greats of these times. The “folk” music in Aaron Copland’s Our Town and Simple Gifts are intermixed with the illustrious Adagio, op. 11 of Samuel Barber, whilst the polished, direct music of Paul Creston is heard between the two. Moreover, Eastern influences in the avant-garde works of John Cage, Steve Reich and Terry Riley are displayed to express the power of American music most strikingly. When worldviews clash and cultures interweave, music flourishes as no other: that is, perhaps, the true American dream.

The Man Machine

Amstel Quartet - The Man Machine

Music by Kraftwerk, Martland, Biegai, Torke, Kypski

Amstel Quartet, sax en EWI (electronic wind instruments)
Kypski, electronics
Hendrik Walther, visuals

Man Machine, Pseudo human being, Man Machine, Super human being - KRAFTWERK

Exactly 40 years ago Kraftwerk released Der Mensch-Maschine. The legendary album announced the birth of a new genre of electronic music, the consequences of which are still felt today. Not only are countless artists still inspired by the synth pop the German foursome produced - Kraftwerk, in turn, listened closely to classical electronic pioneers such as Karlheinz Stockhausen and Pierre Henry. In this tribute the Amstel Quartet combines Kraftwerk tracks from The Man-Machine with new compositions by German composer Christina Biegai. Turntablist Kypski improvises on the Krautrock-sounds and Hendrik Walther designed video art for this super human performance. We are the robots.

Glass on the Roof

Amstel Quartet - Glass on the Roof

Music by Glass, Fiumara, Kypski. With video projections by Hendrik Walther.

Philip Glass is one of the most influential and major composers of our time. During this concert the Amstel Quartet will play Glass’ best work, combined with the work of composer and Glass enthusiast Anthony Fiumara. Electronic composer Kypski brings the various pieces together, creating an evening-long remix. A semi-staged concert in the style of Philip Glass’ former loft-happenings, in which genres and art mediums seamlessly flowed into one another. The Amstel Quartet will play their choice from his rich oeuvre, from young minimalism through to the more recent cinematic pieces. Hendrik Walther created the minimalist video images in a Glassian vein.

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Sax avec Elan!

Amstel Quartet - Sax avec Elan!

Music by Jacques Brel, Charles Aznavour, Edith Piaf and others

Philippe Elan and the Amstel Quartet

Drift away with moving French chansons and compelling stories, in the unique combination of chansonnier Philippe Elan and the Amstel Quartet. Elan is a household name to anyone with a passion for the French chanson. He once began his musical career playing the saxophone in the local brass band, but it soon became apparent that his true passion was to sing. The saxophone continued to play a part in his life though and so it was no coincidence that he said yes to a collaboration with the Amstel Quartet: they understand like no other what singing is. And the chansons by Brel, Aznavour and Piaf are perfectly suited to him. The press quite rightly wrote: “Philippe Elan sings these songs with such charm and passion that he effortlessly illustrates why these chansons have become classics.”


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