Jan 03
Fine refinement, much lyricism as well as vital rhythm

Remy Franck

Pizzicato, 3 Januari 2022

Amstel Quartet plays Pelecis

The Amstel Quartet plays music by Latvian composer Georgs Pelecis. With the exception of the Sunlight Sonata, with its melancholy movements Confession and Weeping, and the positively upbeat movements Consolation and Absolution, as well as the contemplative Christmas melodies, this is a light-hearted program that showcases Pelecis’ ‘simplicity’. Pelecis is Latvian and received his musical training during the Soviet era at the Tchaikovsky Conservatory in Moscow with, among others, Aram Khachaturian. His music is by no means to be called modern, never dissonant, but consonant in a personal and just very simple style that finds inspiration in the Renaissance as well as in minimalism. In other words, it is a pleasant, entertaining atmospheric music with a lot of euphony.

In collaboration with various soloists, the Amstel Quartet presents a good sense of Pelecis’ melodies with fine refinement, much lyricism as well as vital rhythm, and can once again offer the listener something very special, enriching.

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